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Association Activities

Association Activities


VISARGA – The management association framed with an objective to focus on student’s development on other activities other than the academics.

The association from the date of incorporation has organized various programmes like Exhibitions (Buyers Beware – Duplicate products), Game Shows, Quiz Programmes and Sports meet at Intra College level and hence in future the Association is Unique in extending the same at State and National Level.

In the era of competition it has become extremely important that the students should get maximum exposure to the recent trends. With this motto in mind we at RVSIMS have formed associations for various specialization streams. Students from the respective fields are the members of the association and they organize various activities related to that particular stream.

NEN – National Entrepreneurship Network activities

“To Foster Entrepreneurship”

  • To instill entrepreneurial spirit in students.
  • To encourage and support aspiring student entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship.
NEN - Student Workshops Conducted:
Orientation on Entrepreneurship
  • Creating awareness on the needs of an entrepreneur
Idea Generation, Evaluation, and Feasibility Analysis
  • Newspaper exercise
  • Back of the envelope calculation
  • 50 Rupee exercise
Business Plan Development
  • Close to heart business idea
  • Business model chart
  • Executive summary of business plan
CMA- Coimbatore Management Association Student chapter activities:
  • To provide a platform for students of member institutions to share knowledge, demonstrate their skills, and learn from experts.
  • To promote excellence in professional management.
  • To promote and develop best management practices in business and industry, institutions and individuals.
Meeting of Minds – Addressing a Social Issue
  • Business Quiz
  • Best Management Team
  • Interview with a CEO
  • Just a Minute
  • Panel Discussion

Brands of Coimbatore – CEO’s of the selected brands, present their brand building story.

Summits - On any topic of relevance

Student Management Day
  • Debate
  • Addressing a Social Issue
  • Developing a Simulation Game

Other Activities carried out under VISARGA:

  • Guest lectures, Seminars, Workshops by eminent speakers
  • Industrial visits
  • Outbound training
  • Travel around trips – National & International
  • DARSHAN – Release of bi-annual newsletter
  • SADHANA – The inter-collegiate management meet
  • REJOICE – A cultural extravaganza
  • GRADUATION DAY – Recognition to achievers