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Outbound Training

Outbound Training

Success in today’s context is a lot more than knowledge and talent, whilst these two ingredients may be vital to kick start one’s career, moving up the ladder often depends on attitude and the kind of extended skill sets we incorporate within ourselves.

At RVSIMS, we understand this need of the hour and, we are therefore committed to help you leverage your inherent talents, build on core competencies and enhance collective potentials in order to achieve overall growth. You will find our learning programs are unlike any other. We enable you to look at learning from a new perspective, by creating a different to the learning methodology.

RVSIMS has an expert “Structured” outbound learning and facilitation centre that helps Identify Design and Deliver, customized Business Solutions to global companies and institutions to succeed in highly competitive and dynamic environments. Our offerings include Business Solutions and Learning Solutions.

Our programs are conducted in various centres located in exotic and picturesque locations across India and Malaysia. We also have full-fledged, dedicated outbound campsite at the lush foothills of Karamadai, located on the outskirts of Coimbatore.

At RVSIMS, we realized early on that is important to move away from traditional classroom methods of coaxing our mind, to introducing our minds to an environment which is free from restrictions, an environment which allows our mind to be playful yet exceptionally perceptive and alert, like a child’s play this is what Experiential Learning helps us to do.

Our multi-dimensional learning methodology based on the principal of “Kolb’s” adult learning cycle, the cycle exposes the participants to have wonderful learning experience for enhanced performance.

Leveraging on the experience the faculty elicits spontaneous reactions and behaviour in an atmosphere conducive for anyone to come out of the shell. It is the “Learn at Play” concept best at work here at RVSIMS. We break free from set procedures and mindsets, and allow you the opportunity to try new behaviour and draw lessons through thought provoking and reflective sessions.


This is the stage where the participants undergo an activity in a free, fun -filled and pleasant environment that resembles closely to their working – atmosphere, allowing them to shed inhibition and be as close to their natural, explorative selves. The basis of the idea being that the more free and relaxed the mind, the keener it becomes to learning.


During this stage, the facilitator after observing the participants during the activity stage, probes their experiences from the activity leading them into an introspective frame of mind. This they do by provoking the participants to arrive at the vital learning themselves which will help them to perform well in their organization.


At this stage the participant has arrived at the key learning he/she is required to understand from the activity and through a facilitated process of introspection. This stage is key because this is where the hammer blow of the insight, shapes the necessary shift in mindset and dynamics of the participant required for improved performance.


The fourth or the ATA stage involves reinforcement of the behavioural learning picked up by the participant at previous stage. Participants are assigned to tasks which entail consistent application of the key learning they imbibed so that the learning is transformed into behaviour.